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About Us

In April of 1972 the Garden State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches purchased Pennington Island from the Philadelphia Presbytery and New Life Island became a reality.

Through the years God has done many wonderful things here at camp. The most important being the changes brought about in the lives of campers.

God has given us a beautiful and unique place. We are thankful for our island, it is a great place to experience creation and grow in our understanding and appreciation for the Creator.

If you want to read our doctrinal statement you will find it here: Docrinal Statement

We value many things, but nothing more than the safety of our campers. We work hard to be sure that our camp will continue to be a safe haven for those precious ones that are entrusted to us.

We also strive to practice hospitality. We want each person who come to the island to feel like they are at home with us. Pull up a chair, jump in the pool, you can be yourself, leave the world behind and think about eternal things.

Fun, we also value fun! So be ready to have a great time!

Our People

Our Director and his wife:

Norm and Cherie MacKenzie have been at New Life Island since 1992. Norm began his camping career as a counselor in 1978. They love camp and campers. They are ready to meet you and talk about how we can be a help to you and your family.

The MacKenzie's have three married children and five grandchildren.

Our Camp Board:

We are very thankful for a group of godly men who give of their time and resources to make sure that New Life Island operates in an orderly and efficient manner. They are:

Timothy Weeks, Kevin Paddeu, Matthew Carpenter-Secretary, Andy Shanks, Robert Finch - Vice Chair, Lee Martin-Chair, Neal Moyer, Andy Grunder- Treasurer, Lee Goddard, Michael Eisenberg, Chris Thomas, Eric Walter, Joe Kakolowski









Contact Us:

Phone: 610-294-9644


Our Location:

990 River Road

Upper Black Eddy PA 18972

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Camper mail and other correspondence should be sent to:

PO Box 480 Frenchtown NJ 08825