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Spending a summer serving the Lord as a camp counselor can be one of the most spiritually rewarding and educational experiences of your life; it could also be one of the most challenging. Counselors are with their campers all day and all night. They are surrogate parents for five days, not to one camper, but as many as ten, and sometimes those campers can be a handful. It is the intimacy of sharing a cabin, eating, playing, singing, and living together that makes it possible to bridge the gap from your world to theirs, so that you can impact their lives.

At New Life Island our counselors are very important people. We have special speakers each week at camp and our campers sit under some great teaching, but it is the counselor who builds the one on one relationship which so often leads to a camper’s decision. To have a quality camping program we need a quality counseling staff. That is why we search and pray for those special people that God brings to us each summer.

Our camp week starts Sunday evening with a counselor meeting and ends Saturday morning when our campers head for home. In between are five exciting days of games, swimming, campfires, Bible studies and many other activities that we want everyone to enjoy, because every camper wants a counselor who will enjoy camp right along with him.

Our counselor training will begin on Sunday, June 17 and go until Friday, June 29. During these two weeks we will have sessions covering everything from belaying to praying. We will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful camp counselor. The season ends for our counselors on Friday, August 3, after seven terrific weeks of serving the Lord together and seeing Him work in our lives and in the lives of our campers.

Financially we can offer our counselors $1680.00 for the summer. The camp will cover the cost of First-Aid and CPR training and each staffer receives a staff shirt and other goodies.

If you are chosen to become a camp counselor at New Life Island you can be sure that you will be stretched, tested, tired out, pushed, and encouraged in an experience that will change your life forever. That is why we say, “No one leaves the same”.



















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No One Leaves the Same