New Life Island





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Operating the camp requires many different pieces of equipment and various tools. Here is a list of some things that we are hoping to add to our camp tool box.


More to come!!









Here's the list of jobs we will be working from during our spring workdays. This list is subject to change.

Jobs 2017

South End

Replace Smoke Alarm batteries

Clean all cabins


Fix lodge wall

Clean all cabins

Fix bottom of paintball door

New Roof on Coyote Cabin

Dining Hall

Repair South porch

Clean screens

Clean fans

Wash windows

Move wireless


Finish bathroom

Directors Cabin

Hookup for Generator


Powerwash concrete

Fix SW corner of fence

Start up for summer

New roof over filters

Well Building

Get chlorinator going


Put benches back out at campfire

Set up paintball


Finish roof on shop

Transplant cedar trees to welcome sign


Remodel Restrooms

Remodel motel room 10

Nature Center

Fix up

Far North

Roofs on electrical and lumber cabins









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