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We have created the Staff Assistant Program for young people who would like to serve the Lord at camp, but are unable to commit for the whole summer. It is our hope that we will be able to provide the camp staff experience and it’s many benefits in a smaller way to more quality young people.

Our staff assistants are young people, at least 15 years old, who work alongside our full-time summer support staffers. Snackshop, craftshop and maintenance workers will help clean restrooms. Everyone is expected to be willing to help out wherever needed. Staff Assistant is a volunteer position, but the camp will provide a staff shirt and a $10.00 store card.

Serving the Lord as a camp staffer can be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of your life. While the counselors spend the most time with and have the greatest impact on campers, it is the support staff and the staff assistants that makes it all possible. Without faithful servants taking care of everything from maintenance to crafts, washing dishes to cleaning restrooms, the camp could not operate.

Our camp week starts Sunday evening when our campers arrive for registration and ends Friday evening when they head for home. In between are five terrific days of working together to provide the best possible camping experience for our campers.

If you become part of our Staff Assistant Team you can be sure that you will be stretched, tested, tired out, pushed, and encouraged in an experience that might just change your life forever. That is why at New Life Island we say, “No one leaves the same”.









After you apply online, you will need to send the reference link to your references.

If you have any questions please contact us at camp.









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