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Supporting the Ministry of New Life Island

New Life Island relies on the generosity of God's people to achieve its ministry goals. Our fees do not cover the cost of operating the facility and program. We also sponsor, through our camper scholarships, campers whose families are unable to cover the fees that we do charge, so extra income is necessary to keep everything moving ahead.

There are several ways that you can provide financial help for the camp. You can send monthly support, this can be set up as an automatic electronic payment from your bank or credit card. You can send a one time gift each year. Many people like to send a year end gift in December. Or, you can include the camp as a beneficiary in your life insurance or as part of your will.

Another way of partnering with us, is by donating equipment that would be useful to the camp. You can check with our director to see if the item you have is something the camp could use.

Christian camping is one of the most effective forms of Christian education. Those who come to camp face the truths of Gods Word everyday they are here. Camp, because of its seperation from distractions, gives a time and place for the Word to sink in. God uses His Word to change the hearts of campers in this place devoted to bringing people closer to their Creator.









If you would like to speak to someone about making a donation to the camp please call us at 610-294-9644 or send an email to









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