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Spending a summer serving the Lord on our camp staff can be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of your life. While the counselors spend the most time with and have the greatest impact on campers, it is the support staff that makes it all possible. Without the support staff taking care of everything from maintenance to crafts, washing dishes to cleaning restrooms, the camp could not operate. Having a good support staff is crucial to the success of our camp season. That is why we search and pray for the people that God would have for us each summer.

Our staff training will begin on Sunday, June 24 and go until Saturday, June 29. During this week we will have sessions covering everything from rest rooms to push brooms. We will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful member of our camp staff. The official camp season ends on Friday, August 3, after six terrific weeks of serving the Lord together and seeing Him work in our lives and in the lives of our campers. There will be an opportunity for some staff to stay on for a week or two as we minister to guest groups that will be renting the camp. We will need to have food service and housekeeping/maintenance staff for those weeks.

Our support staff consists of young people, at least 15 years old, who work in the kitchen, snackshop, craftshop, along with maintenance workers and lifeguards. Snackshop, craftshop and maintenance workers also clean restrooms, and lifeguards care for the pool. Our media person takes pictures and video and is responsible for the video we show to our campers every Saturday. Everyone is expected to be willing to help out wherever needed. Salaries are $110.00 per week for five weeks of youth camp and one week of training. Lifeguards, and second level staff positions receive a substantially larger salary based on their experience and training. If you are interested in serving as a lifeguard, but don't have the training, please contact us. We might be able to help.

Our camp week starts Monday morning when our campers arrive for registration and ends Saturday morning when they head for home. In between are five terrific days of working together to provide the best possible camping experience for our campers.

If you become a camp staff member you can be sure that you will be stretched, tested, tired out, pushed, and encouraged in an experience that might just change your life forever. That is why at New Life Island we say, “No one leaves the same”.










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No One Leaves the Same