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Please note that we are changing our weeks of camp. Camp weeks will start on Sunday evening and end on Friday evening. Registration will start at 6:00 pm on Sunday. Campers will be ready to go home after a 6:30 pm closing program Friday evening. Parents are invited to attend this closing program.

This change has been made after much prayer and consideration. It is our hope that the new schedule will be more convenient for our camp families. We also hope that the new schedule will allow more children to attend camp each summer.

Online registration is available so go ahead and register for your week this summer!










Meet new friends, connect with old friends, go tubing on the river, dive into the pool, play gaga, eat an ice cream cone, paddle a canoe, shoot a bow and arrow, spend some time with God in His great creation. Come to camp this summer!

All campers will receive a free camp t-shirt and a free DVD of their week at camp.











Weeks of Camp:

Teen Week 12-16 years 7/1-6 $355.00

Junior Hi 1 11-13 years 7/8-13 $355.00

Junior 1 Closed for Boys 8-10 years 7/15-20 $345.00

Adventure 1 14-18 years 7/15-20 $415.00

Junior Hi 2 Closed for Boys 11-13 years 7/22-27 $355.00

Junior 2 8-10 years 7/29-8/3 $345.00

Junior Mini 8-10 years 8/1-8/3 $185.00

Adventure 2 14-18 years Closed


Register by May 1 for a $20.00 discount.










Junior Camp, 8-10 year olds, is full of Gaga, carpetball, archery, canoeing, games, BB Guns, swimming, adventure, laughing with friends, and spending time with God. Juniors get up at 7:30 and are in bed by 9:30. Every day is exciting and there are always fun things to see and to do. Junior 1 is closed for boys.

During Junior High Camp, 11-13 year olds, we add the fun and challenge of our high ropes adventure course, paintball, night games and tubing in the river. Lights out for Junior High campers is 10:30. Junior High 2 is closed for boys.

During Teen Week, 12-16 years old, campers are given more individual freedom and more opportunities to just relax and interact with their counselor and other campers. One highlight of the week is our annual Cardboard Canoe race where each cabin makes a canoe from cardboard boxes, a roll of duct tape and a plastic bag and then races it against the other cabins. Lights out is scheduled for 11:30 but we don't always make it. Campers can expect Bible teaching that will make them think. They can also expect some time for them to spend alone with God.

Our Adventure Camp weeks, 14-18 year olds, almost always fill up. The program is demanding, physically, mentally and spiritually. During the week a camper can expect to be stretched. Because of the style of program we do each week is limited to 20 campers. Activities for the week include our high ropes Adventure Course and the teambuilding Challenge Course, a 20 mile canoe trip, paintball, rockclimbing, and Bible studies in a small group format. Adventure camp is a real time of growth. Any camper who attends can expect to leave changed.

Each week of camp is planned and programmed for the age group that will be with us. We want each camper to have the best camp experience they can possibly have while they are here, on our island, with us.










Family Discount:

This discount is intended to help families with more than one camp age child. Contact the camp for additional information.

First child: Full fee

Second: $30.00 discount

Third: $45.00 discount

Fourth: $60.00 discount










Send your $75.00 deposit before May 1st and receive a $20.00 discount on the total fee. Deduct the deposit and any applicable discounts from the total fee to determine your amount due on arrival. Questions? Contact us at camp.

Deposit is the same for all weeks and must accompany registration for each week camper is registered.

Deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferable.









Information to Help You Prepare Your Child for Camp

We are excited to have your child come to New Life Island this summer. We are sure that he will have a great time of fun and fellowship while learning about our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to help you understand a little better, how The Island works so that you may best prepare your child for his time here at camp.

What to Bring:

Bible, pen, notebook, flashlight, camera, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, towels, casual clothing for the week, footwear (including one pair to get wet/muddy and for tubing), swimwear, etc.

What NOT to Bring:

We go on an electronics fast during the week. The void is filled with camp activities, time with friends, and time with God. We ask that campers do not bring iPods, or other listening devices, video games, books, magazines, cell phones, playing cards, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or other things like that.

Clothing Standards:

New Life Island is a Christian camp and we strive to be Christ honoring in our dress. We ask that you help us with this.

Shorts and skirts must be of modest length and shirts of modest cuts and styles. Please refrain from extremely tight and/or short clothing. Swimwear should be boxer style trunks for guys and one-piece (non-white) suit for girls. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

New Life Island does reserve the right to request that immodest clothing be changed.

Lost and Found:

We recommend that all of your child’s property be marked with his name. Lost and Found articles are kept until Labor Day. We will dispose of unclaimed items.


Begins Sunday at 6:00 pm on the lawn in front of the camp office. “Express Registration” is for those who pay their full camp fee in advance. We like to have all campers registered by 7:00 pm. Campers will take swim tests on Monday.

Spending Money:

Extra money is needed for the snackshop, craftshop, offering, campstore, (t-shirts and sweatshirts @$12-$30) and paintball during Junior High and Teen Weeks, ($20.00).


We run a New Life Island Bank during each week of camp. Our bank greatly reduces lost or misplaced funds. Bring your spending money to registration to open your bank account. Each camper uses a camp “Money Access Card” during the week. The cards are collected on Friday and all excess funds are returned to the camper.


We have a nurse on the island 24 hours a day. Our Nurse’s Station is stocked with First Aid supplies and some over the counter medications. If your child needs other medications, please indicate that on the camper medical form.

All medications must be brought to the nurse at registration time. Medications must be in their original containers or the nurse will not be permitted to dispense them.


If it is necessary to take a camper to the hospital New Life Island has an “excess” insurance plan. The camper’s parent’s health insurance is the primary coverage for campers.


Campers enjoy receiving mail at camp. Parents and others who write to a camper can help deter homesickness by emphasizing the positive aspects of a week at camp, fun, making new friends, learning from the Bible, instead of telling them how greatly they are missed.

When you write please include your campers name, week of camp, and your return address on the envelope. Please send camper mail to Box 480 Frenchtown NJ 08825.

To qualify for moose kissing and song singing a letter must be postmarked by the U. S. Postal Service.


Due to the volume of normal/usual camp business, we would ask that you not telephone for your camper except in case of an emergency. This also helps suppress homesickness which seems to be fostered by talking on the telephone. Campers are not permitted to use the phone unless given permission by the Director.

You may call the office at any time to check on your camper. The camp office will call you in the event of illness, accident, or severe homesickness.

Check Out Time:

We will have a short closing program after each week of camp. The program will begin at 6:30 pm on Friday, it will feature some camp songs and video from the week. Your campers will be free to go following this program.

Please be sure that your camper knows who will be picking him up at the end of the week. Campers will only be allowed to leave with the people you designated on your child’s registration form. When you pick up your child be sure to talk to the counselor. We would like the counselor to have at least one contact with you and your child.

While your child is away…

Enjoy the quiet and pray for your camper. Prayer will make a significant impact on your child’s week of camp. Pray for his counselor and the speaker for the week. Pray for your child’s spiritual needs and for his social, physical, and emotional growth.

When your child comes home…

Ask about the week and then listen. Your interest in his week of camp is important. Ask about decisions and spiritual lessons. You can play an important role in reinforcing decisions made and lessons learned at camp.









No One Leaves the Same





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